Compatible with iOS 11-11.3.1

Status Bar Text Colour (Lockscreen and Homescreen only)

Custom LS/HS status bar text colour.

Configure options in Settings.

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Justin Petkovic[email protected]
UpdatedJuly 13, 2018
LicenseFree Package
Supported iOS Version(s)11 - 11.3.1
4.0out of 5
  • Respring issuse 1.0.0
    Jul 13, 2018

    Downloaded it perfectly then once i hit the respring it made my iphone go on a respring bootloop running 11.1.1 hopefully it gets fixed soon would love to have it on

  • Won’t work at all1.0.0
    Jul 13, 2018

    Installed without errors, left on the default colour, enabled, respringed, nothing. Charges colour, respringed, nothing.

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