Merriam - Customise your phone forever. Read Below. 
I’ve spent weeks on this project making sure it’s battery efficient, fast and easy to navigate. You can hide/customise over 180+ things
Each section is split up on the start page so you can customise each bit of your phone without searching through the whole thing to find one feature. 
This tweak includes app lists, allowing you to choose which apps you’d like the features to be on. 
If you have any questions or features you’d like me to implement, message me on Twitter or Email.
More features to come and screenshots are attached.
check here for every feature on v1.0.0. Read version history to see what’s new.
Thank you. 

Version History Version History
  • New banner
  • Adds enable MagSafe option for iOS 14, thanks to Tomasz Poliszuk tweak (Magsafe enabler)
  • Adds option to hide alert titles
  • Adds option to hide alert message
  • Fixes test alert not working
  • Adds option to hide settings icons
  • Adds option to adjust width and height of homebar
Version 2.0.3
Updated March 8, 2021
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 12 - 14.3