This package no longer supports the latest Spotify version.

The Spotify app is nice and all but it can be pretty clunky. Improvify (Improve - Spotify, get it?) aims to alleviate some of those shortcomings. Open source of course!


  • Adds a Quick-Add button in the now playing view that quickly adds the current song to your favorite playlist
  • Set additional playlists incase that song fits somewhere else, double tap the Quick-Add button to select out of three
  • Adds a Quick-Delete gesture in playlists so you don't have to navigate clunky menus
  • Add the number of times you listened to a song right in front of the artist's name
  • Double tap the title of a playlist while viewing it to get it's unique URI (needed for the Quick-Add function)

Miscellaneous Features:

  • The Quick-Add/Remove feature adapts to the playlists you own when you listen to them so you can quickly add and remove songs
  • Suppress that annoying "Rate Me" alert
  • Disable song background videos
  • Remove the Genius facts and lyrics from the now playing view

Compatible With:

Quick Troubleshooting Guide:

  • The Quick-Add, Quick-Delete, or Song Count feature isn't working! Turn the toggle off then on.
  • I can't scroll through my playlists and won't allow me to play songs! Set the Quick-Delete slider to 1.0 then back to your desired time.
  • Why does my song count start from 0? Spotify does not provide that information, so we get to start counting from 1.
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July 15th, 2019

iOS Compatibility

11 - 13.2.3

What's New

  • Fixed crash in podcasts