Let there be light ~ LuxSit. Search through subreddits, music on spotify, packages on Zebra Package Manager, and YouTube from the spotlight search bar by using a prefix. Open source of course!

Supported Applications:

  • Reddit Apps - Open a subreddit using the prefix: r/. Currently supports the official Reddit app, Apollo, Narwhal, and Safari by default. Example usage: r/jailbreak
  • Spotify - Search through Spotify using the prefix: s/. Example usage: s/ Colossus.
  • Zebra Package Manager - Search through Zebra using the prefix: zbr/. Example usage: zbr/ LuxSit.
  • YouTube - Search YouTube using the prefix: yt/. Example usage: yt/ Corridor Digital.

Why isn't Cydia Supported?

For some reason the URL Scheme for Cydia search (cydia://search/) is not working. Have an idea for why its not? Shoot me a message on twitter.

Support for Other Applications?

Message me on Twitter or send me an Email and i'll look into it.

Version History Version History

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Version 1.0
Updated June 28, 2019
Restriction(s) Free
iOS Version(s) 11 - 12.1.2