Navale, Latin for dock (well the other kind of dock).

Customize your dock with a vertical or horizontal gradient.

Now with ColorFlow 4 Support!

Song List.

Compatible with FloatingDock and ColorFlow4. Open source too!

Requested by /u/dayton2080.

  • Fixed bug where preference files were not created, breaking the whole tweak
Previous Changes
UpdatedOctober 28, 2018
LicenseFree Package
Supported iOS Version(s)10 - 12.1.2
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  • This is perfect thank you1.3
    Oct 28, 2018

    First off I would like to thank you for responding to my request on reddit from the first version of this tweak I encountered no problems and that continued to the latest version. Thank you for you time and effort developing this tweak.

  • New update not working on iphone x...1.1
    Sep 18, 2018

    Sadly, the new version of this tweak leaves the dock transparent on my iphone x. I played around with it to see if it works but nothing whatsoever. Hopefully it gets a fix soon for the iphone x users.

  • Great tweak1.1
    Aug 22, 2018

    I only wrote this because there’s only one other review right now so I thought I’d help he dev out by leaving a 5 star review since this is a really good small tweak.

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