Works fine with the new Substrate Beta.
Small tweak to add feedback when using volume controls. Change vibration intensity, length, and other options in preferences.

  • Fixed compatibility with Minimal HUD
Previous Changes
UpdatedJuly 24, 2018
LicenseFree Package
Supported iOS Version(s)10.0 - 11.4
3.5out of 5
  • Just update it really not your fault1.1
    Aug 3, 2018

    Ik this tweak would be good I saw on someone’s YouTube channel but I have a iPhone X iOS 11.3.1 and it doesn’t work at all

  • Volume down Button no vibration1.1
    Jul 25, 2018

    No vibration on the volume down button on IPX VolbrateX. - Volbrate works fine-

  • Doesn’t work at all1.0
    Jul 23, 2018

    Installs, after a lengthy respring, nothing happens. No vibration whatsoever.

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