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Dark mode for iOS 12

Supports the following:

  • Widgets
  • Notifications
  • Dock
  • 3D Touch Menus
  • Media Player
  • Alerts
  • Popups
  • Many stock applications

For more specific information app support check out the compatibility sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uMEj4jBMI_IHf1uwRLSM-D6y3fV4P9zR__7khgLa4N4/edit#gid=429284097

Upon the release of Packix V2 Noctis12 will be available for 25% off to users who bought NoctisXI.

Refunds Policy: 24 hour change of mind policy applies. Refunds will be given after that time if there is a major fault with the tweak that cannot be rectified.
Refunds will NOT be provided if the reason is unreasonable.

  • Fixed Disable Media
  • Fixed Apple Store
  • Fixed Instagram
  • Fixed Mail
  • Fixed Safari
  • Fixed Music
  • Fixed Shortcuts
  • Fixed Home
  • Fixed some minor issues with other 3rd party apps.
  • Added ColorFlow 4 support.
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LaughingQuoll[email protected]
UpdatedMarch 24, 2019
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Supported iOS Version(s)12.0 - 12.2
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