4.8out of 5
  • Download cydown from1.2.1
    Jun 20, 2018


  • Works cool!1.2.1
    May 29, 2018

    The tweak is awesome. I only have 2 problems: The view on the dock doesn’t works and safe mode when I choose wallpaper on settings

4.2out of 5
  • Inform yourself1.2
    May 28, 2018

    The preference loadsee has only one toggle (on/off) it doesnt matter for now if it works. Pretty stable for a beta

  • Listen to your customers !!1.2
    May 26, 2018

    Are you gonna fix the preferenceloader error ? Its NOT a free item. So its your duty to fix the error.

    May 25, 2018


  • Doesn’t work1.2
    May 25, 2018

    Error preference loader .. waste of money

  • Hack1.2
    May 24, 2018

    That hack your iPhone

    May 23, 2018

    Why why why , it doesn’t make sense

  • Why buy something with no screen shots ? 1.2
    May 23, 2018

    Instantly makes me pirate this thanks. Maybe next time post screen shots of tweaks idc about a description I rather see what’s going on bc words can mean many things.

  • First Fix you other tweaks 1.2
    May 22, 2018

    Trash trash trash trash \WARNING/ STAY AWAY

  • Lost my money 1.2
    May 22, 2018

    Pay 4usd for patreon acces,the dev website is down,the cydia repo too,i can't linked my device in safari,very angry i think this dev and packix repo is a team of thief and the dev never answer 😡 i lost my 4usd it's not serious and not cool 👎

  • Stop Bashing Him1.2
    May 22, 2018

    Seriously, his tweaks are always quality and sure the BETAs are buggy as hell. However that doesn’t mean he deserves the hate. If you dont like him or his tweaks then dont write reviews. Leave him be and let him keep developing tweaks. If you cant do that then get rid of your jailbreak.

  • Horrendous 1.2
    May 22, 2018

    Just wait for the cracked

  • You people suck1.2
    May 22, 2018

    This man makes amazing tweaks. It’s buggy because it’s in BETA and you dumb cunts can’t read. He’s going to fix it up. This tweak is going to be astonishing just like the rest of them. He’s a hard worker. He deserves money for the stuff he does. Fuck you guys for being entitled little bitches. LaughingQuoll, Keep Up the good work. I love your tweaks. You deserve the money. Fuck those guys.

  • Poor developer 1.2
    May 22, 2018

    We need free tweaks 😡

  • Level of entitlement staggering 1.2
    May 22, 2018

    People complaining about Dev charging $ tweaks ought to do it themselves! I feel tweak should be functional and have regular updates. I have no problem paying for someone’s work if it’s good

  • Have 17 ratings but only 1 review? Fake much1.2
    May 22, 2018

    You shouldn’t be charging people for your tweaks asshole

  • Absolute trash1.2
    May 22, 2018

    You must be retarded to give this guy any money