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Where Detail Meets Simplicity.


  • 200+ Main icons
  • 25+ Alt. icons
  • A Badge theme
  • A Respring logo (MakeRespringsGreatAgain is necessary for this to work)
  • 2 Icon masks
  • 2 Icon shadows

My other themes: Mint 3, Linear 2 Glyphs

If you like my work and want to show some love, consider dropping me a follow on Twitter @LazyNagy
  • Now with a themed sharing sheet. Added 5 requested icons.
Previous Changes
UpdatedAugust 10, 2018
Restriction(s) PayPal: $2.00
Supported iOS Version(s)9.0 - 11.4
5.0out of 5
  • One of the best theme which ever seen and tried1.0.1
    Aug 11, 2018

    One of my favorite theme for now. Super detailed icons,super duper respring “infinity” logo,share sheet icons and many more waiting you by paying only 2$. Worth every cent for it. And Mint 3,Linear 2 and glyphs version of Linear worth that on fully. Review by @JbThemesCydia on twitter. ✌️

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