Xen HTML allows you to add widgets to your Homescreen and Lockscreen.


iOS 9 and higher on all devices


Xen HTML widgets are web-based, built with JavaScript and HTML. This can also include using frameworks such as React or Vue.js, or transpiled languages such as TypeScript.

You can add widgets:
  • On top of the wallpaper in the Lockscreen (no touch support)
  • Inline with the original Lockscreen clock and notifications, so that they move when you swipe
  • On top of the wallpaper in the Homescreen
  • Inline with application icons on any page, so that they move when you swipe

Go to the Settings app to configure widgets, or enter 'wiggle mode' on the Homescreen and press '+'. You can add as many widgets as you want in any of the above locations.

Other Features:

Fancy Widget Picker

Choose your widgets in style with a fully interactive widget picker. Drag and drop widgets to position them on-screen, and to preview them without having to leave the Settings app.

Integrated Widget Settings Editor

You can change settings of widgets simply and easily when in the widget picker, which supports the vast majority of widgets.

Visibility Options

You can customise various aspects of how widgets interact with your device, such as whether to hide the Lockscreen clock or app icon labels.

Improved Performance and Stability

Xen HTML uses new WebKit APIs from Apple to help improve performance. It also adds optimisations such as pausing widgets when they're not visible to reduce battery usage.

Widget API

See the Documentation for extensive functionality that Xen HTML can give to your widgets.


Thanks to the jailbreak community, Xen HTML has support for the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Arabic
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Indonesian
  • Malay
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Chinese (traditional)
  • Polish
  • Czech


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🐞 Known Issues

Version History Version History
  • [iOS 13.4 to 14.4] Added full support for these iOS version
  • [iOS 10 to 14.4] Built a brand new API for widgets to access system-level data and functionality! It provides full backwards compatibility for XenInfo, InfoStats 2 and WidgetWeather; you do not need these tweak installed now. See the linked Documentation for more information.
  • [iOS 10 to 14.4] Added a number of default widgets that take advantage of the new API
  • [iOS 9 to 14.4] Added Advanced configuration panel; adjust widget battery management, apply developer options, and more
  • [iOS 9 to 14.4] Various system stability improvements, bug fixes, and quality-of-life updates.
  • Note: version 2.0 is largely untested on iOS 9. If you experience issues, the older v1.1.5 remains available for use.
Version 2.0~release
Updated March 20, 2021
Restriction(s) Free
iOS Version(s) 9.0 or later