JellyLock Reborn
$1.99 USD

JellyLock Reborn

A beautifully simple lockscreen application launcher for iOS 14 inspired by the original JellyLock for iOS 7 and JellyLock Unified for iOS 9.

What does it do ?

Jellylock Reborn is a beautiful app launcher placed on your lockscreen designed to ease your day to day app launching. Jellylock is activated by a circular unlock view when touched will open an easy to use menu with up to 6 custom apps and 2 custom shortcuts.

Preference options:
  • blur options
  • color options
  • select apps
  • select shortcuts
  • select themes
  • hide elements
  • ....

I have an idea for a new feature / shortcut ?

If you have any feature requests feel free to message me them on any of my socials or emails (found in preferences).

This tweak is paid but also opensource ?

YES! I think a classic tweak like this should live on for many generations to come. therefore i made it opensource in case i wouldn't be around anymore when an iOS 20 jailbreak drops anyone can easily update this tweak :) !

Version History Version History
  • Added themes support in /var/mobile/Library/Application Support/JellyLockReborn/Themes
  • Added x-Offset option
  • Display selected app names in preferences
  • Fixed apps randomly resetting
  • Added themes option in preferences
  • Fixed right shortcut not disappearing when set to none
Version 1.1
Updated April 11, 2021
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 14 or later