Zhyr UI (for iOS 13+) Is a bold theme that themes your phones UI.
PS: If you have 1.1, uninstall is needed before you download 1.1.1!
Zhyr CC is now included so do not buy if you own Zhyr UI! Heres install Instructions: Here
This theme has many UI elements covered and themes:

  • App Store
  • Calendar
  • Clock
  • Keyboard (all elements, even emoji)
  • Lock screen buttons (Flashlight and Camera)
  • Mail
  • Messages and Message Bubbles
  • Music and Music Controls
  • Notes
  • Phone and Call screen
  • Photos
  • Safari

There is more!
Zhyr UI, themes 3rd party applications aswell!

  • Cydia
  • Facebook
  • Telegram
  • WhatsApp

And more are planned! So stay tuned for updates.

Here are the instructions, so please follow them for the best results!

For applying the theme you need:

  • Snowboard (SparkDev repo)
  • Snowboard UI Extension (SparkDev repo)

Using anything else might not give you the best results. I wil not help with other theming engines since this is based of Snowboard tweak.

Different colors for WhatsApp bubbles?

  • Try Nord, the bubbles are stock colors without it (Green and Grey)

Emoji icon not theming on keyboard?

  • Disable the theme
  • Run iCleaner (and respring)
  • Enable the theme

Got big facebook icons?

  • Go into facebook.theme/UIItheme
  • Delete the non @3x of the icons that are big
  • respring
  • Fix incomming in 1.1! Rly sorry about this.

What about Updates?

  • I will keep updating and fix issues
  • There will be more 3rd party support
  • More stock apps will also be themed


  • Lock screen theme doesnt work on XR and 11 yet!
  • Mic and Globe doesnt theme for older devices without notches. (But soon)

Note: Delete and Shift on keyboard does not work with bold text!

Special Thanks

I've gotten lots of help from people to make this and without these, this wouldn't have happened! Thank you to Alo, Alex, Evelyn and Niels82, Mattia
If theres still any issues or anything thats not mentioned here in the description you can find me here:
Twitter (@mikkis2k)

Refund Policy

The description should be very detailed, and the previews are taken from my phone, so:

  • I wont accept any refunds after 24hours
  • If the comments are "its not working" i will try and help, if not i will accept within 24 hours of purchase under acceptable circimstances, so "i lost my jb" etc wont be accepted.
Version History Version History
  • Filza 3x Support added
  • Some more ui elements added
  • Whiskers emoji has joined the party!
Version 1.2
Updated August 24, 2020
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 13 - 13.5

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