Prysm NewAgeCC
its a prysm CC theme & respring logo & statusbar theme so it 3 in 1 deall
 prysm theme for icons and music player with 12 colors
apply stebs after install package open filza and go to/Library/Themes/ Prysm NewAgeCC icons.theme/Bundles/Prysm  You will find file name Icons copy it and replace it in /Library/Application Support/Prysm
then make a respiring 
and for colors you need to install Magma Evo and you will find the 12 colors in Magma EvoPreferences at Manage Presets apply it then respiring and thats it and other icons from snowboard
you can apply respring logo from snowboard or anemone or ithemer
you can apply statusbar theme from snowboard statusbar EX or anemone or ithemer
You can see photo of Prysm NewAgeCC and there is more photos down

see the gif of respring logo
Flip screen to see the full gif

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Version 1.0.8
Updated May 3, 2020
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 10 - 13

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