Pixtock (old name: 8bitOS)

Beta theme with pixeled stock icons (currently around 90)
For icon request go here:
For icon adjustments here:
Now added jailbreak related app icons
(the calculator icon in the screenshot is from another theme, so don’t be confused. Sorry for the miss)

Version History Version History
  • 1)Added Crunchyrool’s icons
  • 2)Improved around 30 icons that had a bad coloring, bad aspect and the fact that some icons were a pixel crooked on right side
  • 3)Changed theme name to Pixtock (pixel+stock) from 8bitOS because many on Reddit referred that it didn’t seem 8bitish
Version 0.2beta~1
Updated November 22, 2019
Restriction(s) Free
iOS Version(s) ios12 - ios13

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