Notifications in your Status Bar
Supports all devices on iOS 13 and 14
Minotaur makes it easier than ever to access all your notifications from anywhere in iOS.
For those veteran jailbreakers, you might remember the tweak "Confero". You can think of Minotaur as a modern successor to Confero, developed for iOS 13 and later.
An unobtrusive status bar icon lets you know that you have notifications waiting for you, and a quick tap reveals an elegant and intuitive menu for you to easily view, open and dismiss any of your notifications. Far from the ugly, cluttered way that Android achieves this, Minotaur's single icon is clean and unobtrusive, allowing you to keep your status bar neat & tidy and Minotaur's handy gestures for dismissing notifications makes clearing large numbers of notifications a breeze.

For all devices

Minotaur has been designed with both new and older devices in mind. This means that Minotaur will look great on every iOS 13 device, be it old or new, an iPhone or an iPad.

Fits any setup

Minotaur's sleek and unobtrusive design allows it to fit in seamlessly with any setup, allowing you to keep your device looking and feeling exactly how you want it to.

Highly customizable

Minotaur comes with a large number of customization options to ensure it never looks out-of-place. These include:

  • Dark or light mode: This can be chosen manually, or Minotaur can adopt your system setting
  • Adaptive badge colouring: This works like ColorBadges where the badge numbers under the app icons are coloured based on that app icon
  • The option to hide banner notifications: This allows you to hide annoying banner notifications so you can rely only on the status bar icon
  • The option to use ColorBadges' badge coloring
  • The option to use ColorBanners' notification coloring
  • The option to replace the location services status bar icon when the Minotaur icon is showing


Developed by Muirey03.
Icons designed by bossgfx_.

Version History Version History
  • Fix crash experienced by some iOS 14 users
Version 1.2.1
Updated December 24, 2020
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 13.0 - 14.4