Please disable Eclipse or Noctis for the Notes app before using this tweak.

NiceNotes gives you full customisation over the the stock Notes app. Ever wanted a darkmode for Notes? Then this tweak is for you. The default settings give you a nice darkmode but you can customise them to whatever you want. NiceNotes gives you the ability to customise:

  • Background color
  • Text color
  • Tint color
  • Status bar style
  • Header style

Issues go here.

Thanks to PINPAL for the icon.

  • Fixed some preferences bugs
Previous Changes
UpdatedJuly 22, 2018
LicenseFree Package
Supported iOS Version(s)1.0 or later
4.0out of 5
  • Doesn't Works!!!1.0.3
    Jul 31, 2018

    Not take any of effects

  • Good job1.0.3
    Jul 22, 2018

    Thank you It’s amazing❤️

  • Doesn’t work!1.0.2
    Jul 22, 2018

    The idea is great I use in my notes app on daily basis and I would like to get a dark mode but this just not working every time I try to type something the Cursor will just jump down up and all over the place can’t use it.

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