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A more beautiful volume experience

Everyone can admit that iOS default volume HUD is Apple's worst mistake. It uses a lot of space on your screen and covers information you don't want to miss. Why not try something different?

BelleVolume is exactly what it sounds like - a belle volume view. The tweak makes your volume experience better by replacing the default volume view with some beautiful. BelleVolume offers six different animations, and the volume view is placed under the notch (iPhone X users) or in the center of the status bar (other users). This makes all content on the screen visible when you change the volume. Thanks to libgraphite it is highly customizable. The tweak works on both iOS 11 and iOS 12, and along with effects it has also the ability to customize the color of the volume view. See the screenshots and video for a visual overview of the tweak.

Lastly, what makes BelleVolume the most outstanding tweak is that the volume view can be completely designed by you. That way it makes your device even more unique!

See the video demo here: https://streamable.com/flicj

Configurable inside the settings app.

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UpdatedFebruary 23, 2019
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