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tvOS based alerts on iOS

iOS alerts are boring. Apple has been using the same design for years, and it is time for something more modern. Let me introduce ModernAlerts! ModernAlerts redesigns alerts on iOS to look more like the alerts on tvOS. It comes with a set of different options:

  • Custom Background - you can apply a custom background on top of the blur

  • Custom Button Colors - you can choose which colors the buttons will use

  • Custom Background Image - instead of blurring a color, you can choose to have your favorite image as your background

  • Dark Mode - use dark alerts instead of light

See the screenshots for a visual overview of the tweak.

Configurable inside the settings app.

The package will be open-sourced in a few weeks.

  • Fixed spelling in preferences
  • Fixed a bug that caused the device to crash
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UpdatedMarch 23, 2019
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