Purchase - $2.49


  • Currently 600+ sleek icons
  • Support for settings Icons
  • Constant icon updates (request form below)
  • Custom template for your own icons (download below)
  • Support for every app (only works with Anemone, disable in Settings)

Icon Requests

After purchasing the app, please submit new icon/change requests here. Email and app bundle ID's will be required. Updates will be provided as I have time, there is no guarantee that I will be able to add every icon.

Recommended Tweaks

  • EclipseX and/or NoctisIX
  • FolderColor (background: #1D1D1D)


  • Like the wallpaper above? Download it at https://ill.fi/nsas.png.
  • Want to make your own designs? Download my template (.psd) at https://ill.fi/ikft.psd.
  • ColorBanners and ColorBadges will feature only dark banners/badges due to the new app backgrounds.
  • None of the Lotus developer's original icons were used in this theme (as in non-generic, non-logo icons).
  • Added option in Settings to disable unthemed apps from being resized
  • 56 New Icons and Settings Icons made by @Favna_
Previous Changes
UpdatedJuly 26, 2018
Restriction(s) PayPal: $2.49
Supported iOS Version(s)9.0.0 - 12.1.2
3.3out of 5
  • Great theme, love how it can theme all icons 1.0.7
    Dec 2, 2018

    I just wish it worked with snowboard

  • Love it but SafeMode1.0.7
    Aug 4, 2018

    I Love it but every time I enable it and Respring I go into SafeMode IOS 11.3.1

  • New update removed theme for safari apps1.0.7
    Aug 19, 2018

    Before the update the safari apps were themed aswell now they aren’t plz fix it thanks. Edit: So I downgraded to 1.0.6 so I can get my safari apps themed again.

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