Tested on iPhone 6, 8+, X, and iPad Mini 3
Works on iOS 10-13
If you've ever wanted to unify your devices, increase your productivity, or even automate your home based on the content of your notifications, this is the tweak for you!
While doing work at your computer with your phone plugged in or in your pocket, having to repeatedly switch devices takes time and disrupts your train of thought. As a student, Pusher helps me because most of my homework is online or via PDFs on my computer. It's faster and less distracting to glance at the top right corner of my computer screen than to pull my phone out of my pocket and put it back, and my train of thought is secure. This is especially true while taking notes in class.
Pusher allows you to unify your devices by displaying push notifications from your phone on your other devices (computer, android TV, etc.). It does so by utilizing third-party services (such as Pushover and IFTTT) to transmit the data.

  • Global app list which can be set to act as a blacklist or whitelist
  • Only push when the device is locked, unlocked, or either
  • Push on any network, only on WiFi, or only when not on WiFi (on Cellular)
  • The Sufficient Notification Settings window allows you to filter which notifications are pushed based on each app's notification settings (from > Notifications)

Built-in services:

  • Pusher Receiver
  • Pushbullet
  • Pushover

This makes it extremely easy to setup with a service you already use. If you don’t use any of these services (and Pusher Receiver doesn’t work for you), you can create unlimited custom services which allows for maximum integration into your workflow. These custom services are just network endpoints to which Pusher will forward data. You can set the URL, GET/POST method, and Authentication method (via header or request body key/value).
Pusher Receiver is a browser extension built by u/burkybang that pairs very nicely with Pusher. It is easy to setup with the provided guide, and the extension is free!
Pusher Receiver and custom services have the option to include the attachment if it is an image (sent via base64 string).
Includes Flipswitch toggle.

Version History Version History
  • iOS 13 Support
Version 1.1
Updated November 27, 2019
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 10.0 - 13.2.9