Dark mode and color customisation for webpages
The last tweak you need to complete your full, system-wide darkmode!

Nebula is a darkmode for all webpages, in any app. Nebula looks great in web browsers, emails, package managers, anything you could possibly think of!
Nebula provides you with full colour customisation for any website of your choice, making it look great on every device. Where you're a fan of true-darkmodes or just your classic dark-gray darkmode, Nebula's got you covered!
Options include:

  • Safari UI Darkmode
  • Chrome UI Darkmode
  • Full Color customisation
  • Disabled apps list
  • Disabled in SpringBoard
  • And more!

Please report any issues here.

If you find any websites that aren't supported, we'd appreciate you reporting them here.

If you are a developer, check out the Github repo to see how you can make custom stylesheets and toggles for Nebula.
Version History Version History
  • Remove useless and annoying logs
Version 1.0.0-3
Updated January 12, 2019
Restriction(s) Free
iOS Version(s) 10.0 or later

No Ratings Available

  • Disappointing 1.0.0
    Oct 18, 2018

    After commenting on Deluminator’s reddit post trying to hype this tweak up you would think it had a lot to offer. This received not one update since its release.

  • This Tweak is a BullShit 1.0.0
    Sep 29, 2018

    If I knew, I would never buy that shit! It may be a nice idea, which unfortunately does not work properly and is constantly flawed. I hope for an UpDate but as long as I would not offer this tweak

  • Crappy tweak 1.0.0
    Sep 22, 2018

    I was really excited when this was released but was hesitating between deluminator and this. Since this one is cheaper, i bought it but it has got so many issues: twitter black screen, blacklist not working, many websites remain the same, white flash before loading! And why the hell is that enabled in all apps??? I got around 200 apps and i have to turn them off one at a time! Looks like an alpha release to me, should have bought deluminator instead. Fix your shit, dude 😡