Important: There is a bug in the Taurine jailbreak on arm64 devices (iPhone X and below) running iOS 14.0-14.2.1 that prevents this tweak from working, if you want to use it on an affected device, you will need to switch to checkra1n or unc0ver

Crane is a container management solution that allows you to create multiple containers per application.
Want to test with one application before buying? Check out Crane Lite!

Account Switching

Many applications don’t support multiple accounts. Crane provides remedy by adding the ability to switch between multiple containers (instances of the application data). Most, if not all, applications are supported. If you happen to find an application that does not work with Crane, please get in contact. Crane Lite can be used to make sure your applications are supported before buying the full version.

Your Data Stays in Place

Unlike similar tweaks and applications, Crane redirects the data accessed by an application to a different path. No data is moved around when switching between containers.

Default Container

Crane allows you to set any container as the default container, which will be used when the device is not jailbroken or when Crane is not loaded.

Keychain Aware

Many applications store sensitive data in the keychain. Crane gives every container their own keychain access groups, meaning that the data they save is separated from the other containers, but still secured.

SpringBoard Integration

Crane provides an option to quickly switch between containers by utilizing the haptic touch menu. Depending on user configuration, the containers are either added to their own submenu or directly to the main haptic touch menu to switch with only a single tap.

Integrated Backup Manager

Crane also provides a solution to backup or restore the data of any container. The backups can be stored inside the Files application, providing a native experience.

Slices Imports

Crane supports importing existing data from Slices (2/3), an alert for that will appear when accessing the application page in Crane preferences of an application that has Slices data available.

Separate System Accounts & Game Center Support

Crane features an optional setting to separate system accounts between containers. When this is turned on, you can, for example, sign into a different apple account per App Store container and use multiple App Store accounts on the same device. Additionally, there is a second optional setting for Game Center Support available. When enabled, it becomes possible to assign a Game Center account to a container, which makes it possible to use Crane on games that use Game Center as the primary sign-in method.

Activator / Shortcuts Integration

Crane features an activator listener that allows you to assign an action to when an app is switched to a specific container. Additionally, it also adds an action to set an app to a specific container to both Activator and the Shortcuts app.

Third Party Integration (libCrane)

As of version 1.1.3, other tweaks are able to integrate with Crane, check out the header on GitHub for more information.

Refund Policy

Refund requests within 24 hours will be accepted no matter what, although if your refund is related to a bug in the tweak, I will still provide support first and inform you about how I plan to fix the issue. For refund request submitted more than 24 hours after purchase, I will only accept them together with a bug report.

Support Plan

Updates will always be free. If Crane ever gets discontinued, it will be made free and open source.


iOS 11.0 - 14.7.1

Known Issues

  • Not compatible with all system applications
  • Some applications only show notifications for the active container, some still show notifications even though a container has already been removed, proper notification support is planned for 1.2
Version History Version History
  • New option (app settings): "Separate System Accounts", makes it possible for each container to be signed into a different apple id, introduces AppStore support (iMessage NOT SUPPORTED)
  • New option (app settings): "Game Center Support", lets you assign a Game Center account to each container, the system will then switch to it when you launching into the container
  • New option (root page): "Show 'New Container' Option" shows a 'New Container' option in the expanded app shortcut that lets you create a new container and launch into it without going into preferences
  • New option (container settings): "Protect using Biometrics", makes switching to a container and accessing it's preferences require Face ID / Touch ID
  • Shortcuts Integration: An action to set a container as active has been added and can be accessed under Apps -> Crane when adding an action a to a shortcut
  • Activator Integration: Both a listener to set the active container of an application and an event that executes when a specific container is set has active have been added and can be accessed from Activator
  • Container settings page has been reordered and reworked a bit
  • Revert the fix for Crane sometimes not loading first on Substrate as it turned out to not work, instead a suggestion to install ChoicyLoader is now shown on the root page if the device is determined to be affected by the issue
  • Revert some of 1.1.3-5's 'improvements' to the Taurine workaround as they would make some processes loose their connections to cfprefsd
  • 'Inject in Safe Mode' option has been removed as it required the Substrate not loading first 'fix' that did not work
  • Improve libCrane, new headers out on GitHub opa334/Crane-Resources
  • Add turkish localization, thanks to @frknvkilic on Twitter
  • Improved russian localization, thanks to @Vitalik2187836 on Twitter
  • Improved brazilian portugese localization, thanks to rdaraujo on GitHub
Version 1.1.4
Updated September 3, 2021
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 11.0 or later