Audicy is an iOS app rewritten from the ground up in Swift, which allows you to browse your entire device and add any supported audio and video to your Music app, Videos app, Ringtones, Podcasts, Camera Roll… without having to rely on iTunes or connect to your Mac or PC..

Import To Your Heart's Content

You can select to import multiple files at once, like all the songs in an album and let Audicy implicitly extract any embedded Metadata.
If you prefer to have more control, you can single out a file to modify its Metadata, trim it or search online for a specific album artwork.

Audio Trimmer & Equalizer

One of Audicy's coolest features is its ability to effortlessly trim/cut any supported audio file to a desired musical fragment which you can use as a favourite ringtone, loop or part of a song.

Metadata & Album Artwork

Audicy gives you the freedom to modify your media's metadata: track's number, artist, title, album, genre, etc…
You can enhance the look of your tracks inside the Music app by opting to change the album artwork using existing photos from your Photo Library or search the web for the right album cover.

Gorgeous built-in Music Player

Audicy integrates a versatile Music Player specially designed to make playing your audio/video tracks an enjoyable experience.

  • Background Audio

The player supports playing audio while Audicy is in the background and over the lock screen too.

  • Picture-In-Picture Mode

Watch videos while using other apps on your device.

  • Gesture Control

Using gestures over the artwork image, you can tap to play/pause, swipe right/left to skip or swipe down to hide the player.

  • Remote

You can control playback using your earphones' remote control.

  • Repeat Feature

It features the usual playback buttons and an extra repeat button in case you really like a particular track.

Versatile & Beautiful

Audicy integrates efficiently and intuitively with SoundCloud+ and both the popular download managers Safari Downloader+ and Chrome Downloader+. In fact you can copy to Audicy from any application on your device as long as the media you wish to import is a supported audio or video file.
The user interface was lovingly and painstakingly designed to give Audicy a clean look and sexy feel which integrate discreetly and beautifully with iOS design.

Share With Friends For Real

Share a copy of your media with friends using the usual sharing services like Mail, Messages, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook…


  • iOS 12.2 and up.
  • For iOS versions below 12.2, please use "Audicy iOS 10.0 to 12.1.4"


  • Completely rewritten from the ground up in Swift.
  • Export to Audicy from within any external app that supports opening Audio/Video files.
  • Use Audicy to open files in other apps using the option “Open In”.
  • Picture-In-Picture mode allowing you to watch videos while using other apps on your device.
  • Use Audicy to share your files using iOS share sheet.
  • Freely modify your media's Metadata i.e. track number, title, artist, album name, genre and release year.
  • Browse your Photo Library for a different album artwork.
  • Search the web for a specific album artwork using a beautiful interface designed exclusively for cover image search.
  • Import multiple files at once like all the songs in an album to the same destination and let Audicy implicitly extract any embedded Metadata.
  • trim/cut supported audio files to a desired musical fragment which you can use as a favourite ringtone, loop or part of a song.
  • When Browsing your device for files, Audicy automatically extract any built-in Metadata and uses it to display more details about the file.
  • Choose to be notified when the import process is done and conveniently get an option to open the destination app.
  • Preview audios and videos before importing them.
  • Choice of import types: Song, Ringtone, Podcast, Music Video, Movie and TV Episode.
  • View a list of your imported ringtones with the option to rename or delete them.

Version History Version History
  • Added support for Safari Downloader+
  • UI fix to support dark mode
Version 2.0.4
Updated August 25, 2020
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 12.2 - 13.5