FloatingDockPlus 13/14
$1.99 USD

FloatingDockPlus 13/14 - Use your Dock like a PRO!

Existing Owners of FloatingDockPlus will get 25% OFF
For iOS 11.x - 12.x use FloatingDockPlus.

FloatingDockPlus 13/14 will enhance the look of your homescreen & will also enable you to multi-task like a PRO!
  • iPad Dock ported to iPhone
  • Dock in App Switcher
  • Split-View & Slide View multi-tasking. Also supports vertical splitview like Android!
  • With split-view enabled, you can force the orientation on your favorite apps. For Example you can enjoy youtube in Landscape! If you want this to not happen, then please blacklist the desired app from the tweak settings - Multitasking section
  • Customization for the number of dock Icons. The tweak will shrink the dock based on the number of icons & also scale the Homescreen Grid layout proportionally!
  • Recent/Suggested Apps in your Dock
  • Blacklist for Recent Apps
  • Customization for the number of dock Suggestions (Recent Apps/Handoff etc)
  • Make Dock Transparent


Refund Policy : Refund issued when the tweak doesn't work on your device or there is a crash/bug you are experiencing & you don't want to wait for the official fix. Refund request will be also denied if you do not respond to follow-up questions on your issue within 7 days.
Note : Once the tweak is refunded, you cannot buy the tweak again!

Version History Version History
  • Fixed application blacklist not working on iOS14 for Split View. You will still be able to split view if you blacklist an app on iOS14, just that you won't be able to rotate the apps in landscape. Also when exiting the split view, the app might appear weird. This will work out great actually for people who don't want the forced rotation on apps and still want to use split-view!
Version 1.1.9
Updated April 16, 2021
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 13 or later