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Quickly glance at your Up-Next Info from your Lock Screen!

Sakal allows you to quickly view the Up-Next Info on your lock screen! You no longer need to go to the clock app to peek at your next alarm Or open Calendar or Reminders App. Additional features are as follows :

Next Alarm :

  • Alarm Type (Next Alarm, Time until Next Alarm or Both)
  • Specify Custom format (Please refer
  • Specify placeholder text when you have no alarms!

Next Event/Reminder :

  • Event Type (Reminder, Calendar or Both)
  • Exclude All Day Events
  • Number of Days Ahead to look for
  • Specify placeholder text when you have no events!
  • Refresh Interval (In Mins)

Other Features :

  • Customize Font size, alignment, weight & color
  • Change the position of the label on the lock screen
  • Label fades away when swiping to the widget page or when the charging screen appears to provide a non-intrusive experience

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May 25th, 2021

iOS Compatibility

13 - Unknown

What's New

  • Added Y Offset options when using Smart Alignment
  • Minor Fixes for the weather condition label