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Looking at the same wallpaper throughout the day could get boring. Vartaman provides you a way to change your device wallpaper on different times of the day & also on demand wallpaper switching via Activator. You can also use local album to cycle through wallpapers.
Current Wallpaper Sources :

  • Automatic (Recommended) -> Downloads the best featured random images from the internet. You can also use a keyword to filter out images so that you could achieve a tailored look throughout the day. E.g.
    • A different sunrise wallpaper in the morning everyday
    • A different beach wallpaper in the afternoon everyday
    • A different sunset wallpaper in the evening everyday
    • A different nightsky wallpaper in the night everyday
  • UnSplash Daily -> Best Daily featured wallpaper from UnSplash
  • UnSplash Collection -> Specify a Unsplash collection as wallpaper source
  • Reddit Hotpost -> Set a hotpost image as wallpaper from your favorite subreddit
  • Bing Daily -> Best Daily featured wallpaper from Bing
  • Local Album -> You can cycle wallpapers from a local album. The album names should be as follows for each schedule
    • Morning Schedule -> Vartaman_Morning
    • Afternoon Schedule -> Vartaman_Afternoon
    • Evening Schedule -> Vartaman_Evening
    • Night Schedule -> Vartaman_Night
  • More sources can be added upon requests

Customize time for each schedule through an easy to use time picker. Defaults are :

  • 08:00 AM for morning
  • 12:00 PM for afternoon
  • 05:00 PM for evening
  • 10:00 PM for night

You can also now cycle wallpapers every X hours as part of random Schedule! (v1.1 & up)
Wallpaper can be applied to :

  • Lock Screen
  • Home Screen
  • Both

Other Notable Features :

  • On Demand random wallpaper switching via Activator also supported!
  • CC Toggle to cycle random wallpaper (Requires CC Support)
  • Apply Blur to Images
  • Resize images as per screen size
  • Enable/Disable perspective zoom
  • Notification on wallpaper updates/error
Version History Version History
  • Added option to change wallpaper when device locked as part of Unlock schedule
  • Fixed a bug with image fetching on few subreddit's (E.g EarthPorn)
  • Added subreddit as wallpaper source for Random & Unlock Schedules
  • Added option to save current wallpapers to Camera roll
Version 1.2.2
Updated January 7, 2020
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 10 or later

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