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Looking at the same wallpaper throughout the day could get boring. Vartaman provides you a way to change your device wallpaper on different times of the day & also on demand wallpaper switching via Activator. You can also use local album to cycle through wallpapers.
Current Wallpaper Sources :

  • Automatic (Recommended) -> Downloads the best featured random images from the internet. You can also use a keyword to filter out images so that you could achieve a tailored look throughout the day. E.g.
    • A different sunrise wallpaper in the morning everyday
    • A different beach wallpaper in the afternoon everyday
    • A different sunset wallpaper in the evening everyday
    • A different nightsky wallpaper in the night everyday
  • UnSplash Daily -> Best Daily featured wallpaper from UnSplash
  • UnSplash Collection -> Specify a Unsplash collection as wallpaper source
  • Reddit Hotpost -> Set a hotpost image as wallpaper from your favorite subreddit
  • Bing Daily -> Best Daily featured wallpaper from Bing
  • Local Album -> You can cycle wallpapers from a local album. The album names should be as follows for each schedule
    • Morning Schedule -> Vartaman_Morning
    • Afternoon Schedule -> Vartaman_Afternoon
    • Evening Schedule -> Vartaman_Evening
    • Night Schedule -> Vartaman_Night
  • More sources can be added upon requests

Customize time for each schedule through an easy to use time picker. Defaults are :

  • 08:00 AM for morning
  • 12:00 PM for afternoon
  • 05:00 PM for evening
  • 10:00 PM for night

You can also now cycle wallpapers every X hours as part of random Schedule! (v1.1 & up)
Wallpaper can be applied to :

  • Lock Screen
  • Home Screen
  • Both

Other Notable Features :

  • On Demand random wallpaper switching via Activator also supported!
  • CC Toggle to cycle random wallpaper (Requires CC Support)
  • Apply Blur to Images
  • Resize images as per screen size
  • Enable/Disable perspective zoom
  • Notification on wallpaper updates/error
Version History Version History
  • Minor Improvements
  • Removed the Debug Option for Zoom Fix as it didn't work out for users. I am still actively investigating as to why it happens with specific images. Temporary workaround is to turn on Resize Image option in tweak settings!
Version 1.2.9
Updated July 7, 2020
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 10 or later

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