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A Unique way to Adorn your Icons in your Beautiful Device!

Moira utilizes a unique way of Glyphs, which I like to call it the Reverse Glyphs Effect. It represents every icon as a token like shape with a hole in the middle where the actual Icons reside. This not only help you in making beautiful Setups to show off your friends, but also make your already Beautiful Device more Beautiful!


  • 320+ Icons and will keep increasing with your Help!
  • A Colourful Theme
  • Small Badges have three Different Colors, Red, Green and Blue
  • Folders
  • Never Ending Updates - More Features will be added soon.
  • Statusbar theme It requires Snowboard Statusbar Extension to make it work.
  • Settings Theme, Light, Dark and Coloured. Requires Snowboard Settings Extension to make it work.


Moira will get Updated every week, which will always contain at least 100 more Icons, any bug fixes or quality control, and I'll be also taking consideration to any of your Feedbacks/Suggestions/Critics and apply them in the updates, which you can email me to my Mail Account, or DM me in Twitter @ParasKCD.

Icon Requests?

Yes! I'm accepting Icon Requests for sure, you can email me to my Mail Account, or DM me in Twitter @ParasKCD. At the Moment, I have 320+ icons made, which will increase with your help! I'd really like you send me

  • A proof of your Purchase of this theme/Moira Coloured (Screenshot of the Transaction).
  • Format - The Icon Name + The Icon Bundle ID.
  • Icon Requests will be ignored if not sent in the correct Format.
  • You can request me upto 10 icons.
  • To get the bundle ID of your particular app, check out this Website

Some Extra Info -

  • You can support the development of Moira through Paypal as well
  • Moira is only tested as of now in Snowboard, but it should work for Anemone as well.
  • Once you purchase Moira, all future updates will be free!
  • Moira works on all iDevices, of iOS versions 7.x to 13.x
  • Refunds will be declined after 1 Day of usage.
  • To make Statusbar theme work, you need Snowboard's Statusbar Extension.
  • To make Settings icons work, you need Snowboard’s Settings Extension.
Version History Version History
  • Initial Release
Version 1.0.0
Updated May 7, 2020
Restriction(s) Paid, Other
iOS Version(s) 7 or later

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