Influential HS
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What it is?

A Xen HTML OPW(One Page Widget), to apply on your Homescreens to replace your stock iOS Homescreens completely. This widget uses Microsoft's Fluent Design Language, completely using all the guidelines and the vision of Windows 10. It has a beautiful Acrylic Blur effect with a bit Noise effect on its background.


  • A Taskbar containing its own Statusbar, a start button and time, along with a Dock. A user can touch on the Statusbar to open a Favourite Apps Window that contains the apps that are pinned more than what the dock can contain. Pressing on the Start Button opens up the Start screen in its Home Module.
  • After opening the Start screen with the Start button you will be greeted with a Nice Profile Picture, your username, and the home Module.
  • The Home Module contains a Statusbar, Weather Module and Music Module
  • The weather and music module can both be opened respectively to open the Weather and Music modules Window Panels respectively.
  • All the Window Panels have a button to maximise/restore, close or pin Window Panels to the Home screen. 
  • The Start screen has a All Apps section where you can use it to replace the already pinned apps or pin new apps to the Dock/Favourite Apps Module.


  • How to apply Widget?

Remove all Apps from the homescreen. 
In iOS 13 you can just go to wiggle mode and move all the apps from first page to second page, iOS has the inbuilt feature to keep First Page of the Homescreen completely blank.
In iOS 14 you can remove all Apps to the App Library, again keeping the first page of the homescreen Blank.
Then go to wiggle mode, a Plus button should appear asking the user to add a widget, tap on that and add Influential HS.

  • How to change Pfp?

Import a Picture to filza and copy the file then, go to /var/mobile/Library/Widgets/Homescreen/Influential HS/src/ and paste that picture to this location, now delete a file called profilePfp.jpg, then rename your pasted image file to profilePfp.jpg, as is every exact word and letter, then respring.

  • How to Pin Apps?

Tap on the Start button, then tap on all Apps, tap and hold on any app you want to pin for about half a second till a menu pops up, then tap on Pin App. If you have pinned more than 5 apps, it would be then pinned on the favourite apps module window panel.

  • How to Pin Window Panels?

Tap on the pin button near the Title of the Window Panel.

  • How to remove Pinned Window Panels?

Tap on the close button near Maximise button of the Window Panel.

Refund Policy

  • Refund Requests will be Rejected after 1 day of Use.
  • Funny Reasons like, "bought accidently", "I thought it was for android", etc. will be Rejected!

Credits -

  • Metroui Icons by Serhi Pimenov, the Github source for this Library -> link
  • Micons Icons by Mehdi HosseinZade, Github source for this Library -> link
  • My Awesome Testers - HNDRK, Nina, Korfi, Mandy, SIMRN from Discord
  • Korfi for designing the entire UI mockup of the widget and creating a concept for every Module of the widget.
  • HSL and Mocacocoa for the inspiration of HS | Cocoa Widget available in Alo's Works
Version History Version History
  • Fixed Statusbar triggering touch input even when Favourite Apps is pinned or persistent
  • Fixed all apps and favourite apps showing in 4 columns for all devices except 12 pro max
  • Note: It will still be shown as 4 columns for iPhone 6/7/8 and iPhone 12 mini
  • Added an option to resize Icons
  • Added less delay on Opening All Apps Section of the Start screen for possible fix on the start screen being blank bug
  • Note: It is recommended to remove and reapply the widget from xen html, and resetting the settings, otherwise it would break some animations.
  • Note: The update will remove your Profile Picture, you’ll have to add it again from Filza, sorry for the inconvenience, but threre’s no way around this.
Version 2.0~Release
Updated May 7, 2021
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 12 or later