May 7, 2021


  • Fixed Statusbar triggering touch input even when Favourite Apps is pinned or persistent
  • Fixed all apps and favourite apps showing in 4 columns for all devices except 12 pro max
  • Note: It will still be shown as 4 columns for iPhone 6/7/8 and iPhone 12 mini
  • Added an option to resize Icons
  • Added less delay on Opening All Apps Section of the Start screen for possible fix on the start screen being blank bug
  • Note: It is recommended to remove and reapply the widget from xen html, and resetting the settings, otherwise it would break some animations.
  • Note: The update will remove your Profile Picture, you’ll have to add it again from Filza, sorry for the inconvenience, but threre’s no way around this.

May 3, 2021


  • Initial Release