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As for now, the theme contains:

  • 250+ Icons
  • Settings Icons
  • Icon Masks & Shadows for better experience
  • Maps & Photos alternative light icons; more would be added if requested.

Icon Requests & Suggestions

For any Icon Requests or Suggestions, you can fill this form.
*Requests taken before Dec. 22 2018 were removed.


If you have any concerns or questions which are not related to the icons themselves,
contact me via mail: [email protected]


I'll honestly appreciate it very much. If you appreciate the theme and really feel the instant need to give me more money then donate me here!

  • Added few new icons.
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UpdatedDecember 22, 2018
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Supported iOS Version(s)9.0 or later
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  • Berry walls1.4.1
    Aug 11, 2018

    This theme will be complete if you add those wallpapers used in your setup for preview screenshots on the package description However, without wallpapers the theme setup looks lovely amazing!

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