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Grupi has some features that are still work in progress or has to be added in a later update so please bare with us, we're doing our best.
Refresh your notifications with Grupi.
Seamless integration and features to keep it classy and functional as iOS is supposed to be.

What it offers

  • Beautiful pill shaped design on the notification groups.
  • DARKmode, join the dark side, we have cookies 🍪
  • Original iOS blur view cuz' we all love that shallow fancy blur.
  • Nonobstructive mini media player integration, because we know your screen content is important.
  • Quickly remove a notification group by 1 tap.
  • Beautiful settings panel for quick custom features like enabling the icon preview on the notification banner, enabling dark mode, using square icons, etc ( more features coming in a next update)


  • Grupi is still being worked on as we speak and making sure all features work seamless.
  • There are some features showcased pre-launch that will make it into a later update so please be patient.
  • Mini media player currently doesn't work on iOS 13, we are aware of that and we will integrate it in a later update.

Bug report / feature request

Go here for bug reports and features request

Special Thanks

Special thanks to NepetaDev for the inspiration and base code provided.

Grupi was brought to you by Timeloop & PeterDev . Make sure you follow them on Twitter for updates.

Version History Version History
  • Controls dark mode with system dark mode of iOS
  • Improved badge's background color
  • Changed cells to semi-transparent instead of overlay dark view
  • Bug fixes
Version 1.0.2
Updated January 19, 2020
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 11 - 13+

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