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Yobun Evolution



Yobun Evolution

Extra utilities Control Center


Call Yobun utilities window from anywhere, SpringBoard, LockScreen and InApp (iPhone only)

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  • Long press on buttons to get explanation
  • Wi-Fi IP monitor
  • Fast Respring
  • Normal Respring
  • LdRestart
  • Enter in Safe Mode
  • Backdoor (safemode) is active when is green
  • Clean Cache-&-Respring (now fast!) 
  • Deep Clear for a better uicache clean
  • GPS Control
  • Bluetooth Control
  • Wi-Fi Control
  • Cpu-Ram monitor
  • Battery and Chargers stats (To update for some devices)
  • Close all Apps  (Kill background)
  • Suggestions button in the about section (Yobun Evolution button title, on top)
  • Choose a gesture to show it by activator,in the settings page.

[ The Backdoor option give you an opportunity to go in Safemode when the touch screen won't respond.You can *try* with this: Switch On/Off 4 times the «hardware silent button» of your device, in *ANY* place.If the system isn't completely corrupted it will works ]

["Close all apps" is like a "Killbackground" and it close all apps, if you are inside an app, and you launch the feature, the apps will be closed,] even the one that you're in, but only the last is not removed from the app-switch recents, but believe me, is closed.]

Please use the in-tweak feature "Long press" on big buttons to get explanation of these commands.


  • I remind you that this tweak doesn't works in landscape mode.
  • If you're using some tweaks that overlay Yobun, please ask to the coders of those tweaks to make their tweaks not intrusive, and decrease his z-positions. Thank you.

iOS 13/14.2 tested.


• If you already bought in past,"Yobun Pro", you don't have to pay for this tweak.

• Tested in many many devices, with almost all jailbreak tools.

Refund Policy:

Bug/Problem returns: If for whatever reason we can not solve the issue, a refund will be approved, most refunds submissions under this category require to be problem solved. 

Any other returns: 'Purchased by accident' or other type of returns will not be accepted. There is a two-step verification process therefore it's not possible to purchase by accident.

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April 8th, 2021

iOS Compatibility

13 - 14.2

What's New

  • Fixes and upgrades
  • Optimized the time animation of the battery when is charging.
  • Completely changed the way to retrieve the stats.