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Yobun Evolution is the successor of "Yobun Pro", has been completely rewritten even with a similar design, but better.
The awesome thing is that now, you can call it from anywhere, SpringBoard, LockScreen and InApp.
It use Activator ©  and FlipSwitch © as dependencies, to use it, you have to download them, before, or together the tweak, please read the notes here.

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  • Long press on buttons to get explanation
  • Wi-Fi IP monitor
  • Fast Respring
  • Normal Respring
  • LdRestart
  • Enter in Safe Mode
  • Backdoor (safemode) is active when is green
  • Clean Cache-&-Respring (now fast!) 
  • Deep Clear for a better uicache clean
  • GPS Control
  • Bluetooth Control
  • Wi-Fi Control
  • Cpu-Ram monitor
  • Close all Apps  (Kill background)
  • Suggestions button in the about section (Yobun Evolution on top)

[ The Backdoor option give you an opportunity to go in Safemode when the touch screen won't respond.You can *try* with this: Switch On/Off 4 times the «hardware silent button» of your device, in *ANY* place.If the system isn't completely corrupted it will works ]
["Close all apps" is like a "Killbackground" and it close all apps, if you are inside an app, and you launch the feature, the apps will be closed,] even the one that you're in, but only the last is not removed from the app-switch recents, but believe me, is closed.]
Please use the in-tweak feature "Long press" on big buttons to get explanation of these commands.
Small clip in the settings to configure your activator action.

  • All the useless or experimental features of Yobun Pro are deleted with Yobun Evolution.
  • If you have Yobun Pro and you're on iOS 14, please keep that version and wait with me, for Activator update before download Evolution.
  • If you're using some tweaks that overlay Yobun, please ask to the coders of those tweaks to make their tweaks not intrusive, and decrease his z-positions. Thank you.

• If you've already purchased Yobun Pro, you don't have to pay for this tweak.
Refund Policy:
Bug/Problem returns: If for whatever reason we can not solve the issue, a refund will be approved, most refunds submissions under this category require to be problem solved. 
Any other returns: 'Purchased by accident' or other type of returns will not be accepted. There is a two-step verification process therefore it's not possible to purchase by accident.

Version History Version History
  • Fixed all graphic glitches.
  • I remember that the activation method recommended in the help video is one of the best and fastest. But you can choose what you want!
Version 1.5
Updated February 10, 2021
Restriction(s) Paid, Other
iOS Version(s) 12 - 13.7

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