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Swipe up with TWO fingers in your SpringBoard or use Yobun Pro Switch  or use  Yobun Pro Icon 


  • Night/Day mode  for the UI
  • Long press on buttons to get explanation 
  • Wi-Fi IP monitor
  • Fast Respring
  • Normal Respring
  • LdRestart
  • Enter in Safe Mode
  • Backdoor (safemode) active when green
  • Clean Cache-&-Respring (now fast!) 
  • Deep Clear for a better uicache clean.
  • GPS Control
  • Bluetooth Control
  • Wi-Fi Control
  • Cpu-Ram monitor with an experimental "Free-Ram" button.
  • Suggestions button 
  • Theme changer for the interface.
The Backdoor option give you an opportunity to go in Safemode when the touch screen won't respond.
You can *try* with this.
Switch On/Off 4 times the «hardware silent button» of your device, in *ANY* place.
If the system isn't completely corrupted it will works :-)


  • This application don't need any plugin (like cc support or others)
  • Afraid of the battery drain of the Backdoor feature? Forget about it! Because the option is called ONLY when the button is turned on / off, as the system naturally does, it is not always active 👍🏻
  • UNC0VER / CHECKRA1N tested.
  • [iPhone only, iOS 12-13-14 in almost all devices].


You can theme the button skin simply by open your favorite Photo-Editor and changing the files in "/var/mobile/Documents/yobunpro/".


All in your SpringBoard

Ps: Due to some conflicts, i had to delete partial code for the "Free Ram", for now, it works, but only clear current apps :-/

Refund Policy:
24hr returns: Most returns that are initiated with 24hrs of purchase will be approved. Some circumstances may apply.
Bug/Problem returns: If for whatever reason we can not solve the issue, a refund will be approved, most refunds submissions under this category require to be problem solved. 

Any other returns: 'Purchased by accident' or other type of returns will not be accepted. There is a two-step verification process therefore it's not possible to purchase by accident.


Translation by @iA7myd

‏اسحب إلى أعلى بإصبعين في واجهة النظام لديك.

‏* وضع ليلي/نهاري لواجهة المستخدم

‏* اضغط مطولًا على الأزرار للحصول على شرح

‏* مراقب IP الـ Wi-Fi

‏* إعادة تشغيل سريعة جدا

‏* إعادة تشغيل سريعة عادية

‏* LdRestart

‏* الدخول في الوضع الآمن

‏* مسح ملفات التخزين المؤقتة مع إعادة التشغيل السريعة (أصبح الآن أسرع!)

‏* التحكم بالـ GPS

‏* التحكم بالـ Bluetooth

‏* التحكم بالـ Wi-Fi

‏* مراقبة الذاكرة العشوائية مع زر تجريبي لتحرير الذاكرة

‏* زر الاقتراحات

‏* تأثيرات حركية سلسة وجميلة

‏كل شيء في واجهة نظامك

‏دعم كامل لـ unc0ver و checkra1n

‏[دعم لكل أجهزة الـ iPhone تقريبًا فقط على iOS 12 و iOS 14.2 ]

Version History Version History
  • Fixes for ios 14 issues in latest devices.
  • Denied the upgrade to Yobun Evolution without uninstall.
Version 4.0.5
Updated December 8, 2020
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 12 - 14

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