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Prosperity for iOS

I've been involved in the jb community since ios6, spending much of my time tinkering with various projects in order to turn my device into a work of art. I started out making alternate icons to other people's themes, building iconomatics and docks with whatever editing software I could get my hands on. I always looked up to the devs that were creating the themes I enjoyed most, like paulebhoy, attair, simon & schnedi (to name a few). I spent hours & hours browsing through mmi & reddit, & eventually my habit of requesting things from others turned into me spending time making things for others. This theme has taken me over a year to develop, with many amazing contributions from some of the most respected developers in our community. I was looking to start something that could portray my love for dark themes, & at the same time bring something to the table that hasn't been done before. After much anticipation we are finally able to share our work. 

What's included in this package?

  • >350 Icons (Prosperity)
  • >300 Icons (Terminus)
  • 18 AEs (Plus alt iPhone X versions)
  • 19 Docks (Plus alt iPhone X versions)
  • Themed dialer (iOS10 & below)
  • 2 Settings Icon themes
  • 14 Badges
  • 5 Respring logos
  • 3 Page dot themes
  • Themed control center (iOS10 & below)
  • Themed cydia UI
  • 3 Custom UI sounds
  • Alt UI sounds by @dexterilgatto
  • 7 Anemone UI themes
  • Custom SMS message UI
  • more to come!

IMPORTANT: Do not try to enable all of these elements in Anemone. It will put your device into safemode due to the immense amount different customization options included.

Prosperity vs. Terminus: Prosperity icons are lined with a border, which was done to give each icon a centered & detailed feel. Terminus was then developed to accomade those of us that enjoy a different shaped overlay every once in awhile & don't want the icon's design to interfere with that.
I would like to thank Boots (@chvylvr6972), Chintya Lia R.K. (@Liaaliooo), @sn0wd3n, PoisOnDF (@yofatpapa), krisjay (@KrisJayDesigns), dabagg (@dexterilgatto), RKO (@RKO1195), & Wiuff (@Wysniff) for their guidance, contributions & support in helping me make this theme truly special.

NOTES: There are several elements included in this theme which are sized to work with the iPhone X. They are labeled as “...-XI.” If you are not on iPhone X you can delete these.

If you are expecting all of your icons to be themed, please don’t purchase this theme. I will not issue refunds for this. Refunds will be issued for technical difficulties only, after you have contacted me to see if I can help troubleshoot your complaint. Please send any support questions to [email protected]. Thank you.

  • New UI elements
  • A few new icons
  • Made UI sounds an optional element in anemone.
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UpdatedSeptember 13, 2018
Restriction(s) PayPal: $3.50
Supported iOS Version(s)8 - 11.4
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  • Very Nice Theme2.6
    Aug 19, 2018

    Very nice theme but make my ip7+ hot and freeze constantly but in general very nice and detailed theme..

  • very beautiful but2.6
    Aug 3, 2018

    iPhone x 11.4 Camera Sharter and Screenshot sound bug. Bug sounds. Please fix the bug with the update!!

  • Whoohhhooo...!!! 👏 2.6
    Jul 20, 2018

    This icons are so beautiful and so cool designed. Very detailed 👌 Looking forward to the folder icons update 🤗

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