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“Aube” meaning Dawn 

A new day, a new beginning, a new experience.

Please read note below about pricing!

Aube was created back in ios8 with the intention to bringing uniformed design to the ios7 flat design, which was flat and and with ugly gradients. Aube has subtle changes to make all icons fit within ios! Since its first appearance Aube has been updated with every major jailbreak, Aube came to life in ios8 by me, and updated to ios9 and ios 10 by my friend @frenchitouch with this words i want to give thanks to him for his help with the updates! Give him a follow in twitter if you can, thank you my friend! 

This is a complete Theme in includes:
-210+ icons
-Alt Icons
-New Anemone Effect
-Springboard Dots by “@frenchitouch”
-Preferences Theme

NOTE: For current Aube users, if you already bought Aube in previews iOS version please Follow me on Twitter @psprrom and DM with your proof of purchase and your packix ID for your FREE copy. Please do this in order to received the update. after that if you appreciate my work and want to donate via PayPal please do it so here: paypal.me/psprrom

NOTE: I really appreciate all the support you all provide when buying my theme, thats why I want to give you more for your money. If you wish to get all my themes for one small Donation of $5 via PayPal as Friends and Family you will get this theme plus all my other 6 themes (XLIconSet,XLIconGlyphs, Twelve, Twelve Eclipse, Ov2, Omega and Aube, basically you will be playing only .71 cents for each theme! Thats a big discount right? Yes if tou wish to do this please do the donation and then send me your Packix ID via Twitter then i will enable all the themes under your account. Thanks again!

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UpdatedAugust 6, 2018
Restriction(s) PayPal: $2.00
Supported iOS Version(s)ios10 - ios11.4b3
2.5out of 5
  • Crash Crash Crash....1.2
    Sep 20, 2018

    So I paid for an app that keeps crashing my phone? I know that anemone sucks but with this app it sucks to the 10th power..

  • Decent first-timer theme1.2
    Aug 14, 2018

    What is the background called and the widget for the time in the pictures? Wish they could have been included

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