Omega iOS 11 and 12
A bright new experience with your iOS device.

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Without doubt there are many long shadow based themes available, but now I’m glad to show you my take on long shadows and of course on icon glyphs. I match two different designs of icons together to play well when they expose themselves together on your springboard, as you can appreciate in the screenshots. There are glyphs with specific and simple details that pop up in your screen and catch your attention like for example the Notes app and the Pages app. 
Second design is the one with the glyphs with a transparency gradient so you can see through the background shapes that compliment the icon symbolism, for example the iTunes or Videos app and the Contacts app. Throughout the theme there are many details that will bring you satisfaction when using your device. Without more words, l'll let the screenshot speak for themselves! 
Compatible with all Retina Devices including all iPads (iOS 7-11.4b3).

Requires Anemone

Here is what's included in the theme, this is a complete theme:

  • 220 icons
  • Status Bar UI (iOS 7-10 on iphone 7 or below) 
  • 2 different preferences icons
  • 4 Anemone effects.
  • *Legacy AnemoneEffect
  • *3D AnemoneEffect
  • *Square AnemoneEffect
  • *Long Shadow only AnemoneEffect
  • Alt icons
And more good stuff coming, thanks for the support God Bless you all!

NOTE: For current Omega users, if you already bought Omega in previews iOS version please Follow me on Twitter @psprrom and DM with your proof of purchase and your packix ID for your FREE copy. Please do this in order to received the update. after that if you appreciate my work and want to donate via PayPal please do it so here:
NOTE: I really appreciate all the support you all provide when buying my theme, thats why I want to give you more for your money. If you wish to get all my themes for one small Donation of $5 via PayPal as Friends and Family you will get this theme plus 6 other themes (XLIconSet,XLIconGlyphs, Twelve, Twelve Eclipse, Ov2, Omega and Aube, basically you will be playing only .71 cents for each theme! Thats a big discount right? Yes if tou wish to do this please do the donation and then send me your Packix ID via Twitter then i will enable all the themes under your account.This does not includes my latest 3 themes. Retina, Gridless and Little.
Thanks again!

Version History Version History
  • New Icons
  • Added Preferences icons that were missing on ios12
Version 1.3
Updated October 4, 2019
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 7 - 13.5

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