Retina, “True Detailed Icons” Bringing back the skeuomorphism design to iOS.

Completely designed with Microsoft Excel, (yes Excel 2010).

Every once in a while, a theme comes on the way with great design and many beautiful icons that make us fall in love with our devices. Today I present you Retina for iOS, this theme was inspired by the skeuomorphic design from the good old days of iOS 6 and below. I just love the aye candy look of those icons like iTunes and Appstore. 
I started working on this theme simply to have my own design in my iPhone X and was only making my personal icons but i have gotten many requests of to release it to the public and I think i can do so now!
Retina was meant to be use with shadows and overlay but it also looks great without them as you can see on the screenshots!

Retina comes with:
  • 156 detailed icons as of v1.5.1
  • 20 alt icons
  • Preferences theme
  • Shadows and overlays for all devices 
  • Compatible with all devices including iPads with iOS 7- iOS 14.x
  • Anemone, iThemer and Snowboard compatible

Note: Icon Requests. Please email requests with proof of purchase and will work on all request containing popular apps, hope you guys understand as this theme is completely done in excel and takes a really long time to design! One more thing, if you do want certain app please send me a design concept of what would you like to see on your request! This will make my job a bit easier!
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You can get all of this themes as a bundle via PayPal for only $12. that's $8 discount contact via Twitter.
As always I really appreciate all the support you provide when buying my themes. Thanks and have a Bless and wonderful day!

Version History Version History
  • Complete iOS14x fixes
  • 16 New Icons
  • Excel,PowerPoint,Word,OneNote,Outlook,Hulu, Sileo,Libhooker, AppleSupport,Capo,Taurine,AltStore,IconBoard,AppleTranslate,Tv,Videos
  • 2 New Wallpapers
  • 1 Icon Overlay
Version 1.5.1
Updated May 29, 2021
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 7 - 14.8