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Compatible with all Retina Devices with ios7-11.4b4

This theme was inspired by the icons found in the sections within the “Tips app”. The gradients and the glyphs, the way these two blend together captured my attention. So I decided to make a theme, becouse why not? So here it is, this theme in based on gradients and glyphs, you will not find a glyph or design that goes out of the icon mask, these all are designed and crafted within the middle portion of the AppIconTemplate. This theme contains a beautiful and bright color pallete that makes your springboard pop, please enjoy this beauty. This theme was completely design with Excel 2007.

Twelve contains the Following:

  • Over 170 icons, and counting.
  • Preferences theme.
  • Universal knob grabber (UI).
  • 120 alternative icons coming in the next v1.1 update. (all alts will come with inverted gradients like the stock icon so you can choose your preferred look).
  • v1.1 will come with more icons and some redesigned.

Will continue to work on this theme with icon request.

Thanks for your support! If for whatever reason you are not able to purchase this theme please Follow me on Twitter at @psprrom and ask for a copy, I will definitely gift you one, I prefer this instead of supporting pirate repos!
As always please enjoy and May God bless you all for supporting my work and all other theme devs!

  • As promised v1.1 contains 136 Alt Icons plus new added from Icon Requsts and the depth shadow to use with anemone! Enjoy!
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UpdatedOctober 31, 2018
Restriction(s) PayPal: $2.49
Supported iOS Version(s)iOS 7 - iOS11.4b3
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  • Awesome 👏 theme 1.0
    Nov 1, 2018

    A beautiful theme and clean interface looks great, really worth it to buy it

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