(compatible with iOS 11-14)

Reimagine the way you use Search Engines

SITUM Pro adds a new button to your Text Selection Menu which helps you look up the text you selected.
Useful when you need the definition of a word, or want to look up pictures of something, or just want to look something up at all
You just select a Text and press the 🔍 button (or eventually your Search Engine).
Configure Everything in Settings! And the best thing? It works on iPads too!


SITUM Pro comes with a built in Translations feature! Use Google Translator anywhere and anytime! Just select something and press the "Translate" button and see the Magic happen!


Customization is very important for me in my projects, and with SITUM Pro you can cusomize virtually anything! Don't like the 4 built in Search Engines? Use your own! Don't like the 4 built in Browsers? Use your own! Don't like the colors, or the blur, or the size? Customize them all!

Dark Mode for Websites!

An experimental feature that allows a dark mode for your search Engines! Only supports Google at the moment, as it is under development. Looks pretty classy though! (See the screenshot)

More Features?

There are a few features I am working actively on, such as the Dark Mode for Websites, and the Translations feature, as they aren't perfect at the moment. Also there are Activator gestures planned, a software button that follows you around to use SITUM instantly, Reverse Image Searches, etc., but you're not satisfied with the features? Request more on my Discord Server!

Version History Version History
  • Fixed for iOS 14
  • Fixed minor issues
Version 1.1
Updated April 3, 2021
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 11 - 13.5