Splendore is a dark gradient theme for iOS, featuring icons inspired watchOS. Each icon is round and sits on a grey background, allowing these rounded designs to fit right in to the icon shapes you're already accustomed to, while complimenting dark setups.

Currently supports:
  • Over 600 themed icons
  • Settings icons
  • Share sheet icons
  • Custom notification badge
  • Wallpapers

Works with both Anemone and SnowBoard (*Note: to ensure you get the most out of Splendore, I highly recommend using Anemone, as SnowBoard doesn't currently support theming all UI elements, such as settings icons).

I accept icon requests! You can submit all icon requests either through Twitter or through email.

(Widget in the screenshot is Bullio Clock.)

  • Added support for 24 new apps
  • Updated 9 existing icons, including the Siri settings icon
  • Minor adjustments to various icons
Previous Changes
Rauseo Themes[email protected]
UpdatedMarch 15, 2019
LicenseFree Package
Supported iOS Version(s)9.0 or later
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  • Awesome themes3.1
    Aug 2, 2018

    Thanks dev for this wonderful black themes only thing i need is to add Viber icon to themes

  • Great Work3.1
    Aug 2, 2018

    I had a few icons I had requested for him to make, and he was very friendly with regards to the request and followed through with this latest update. Great work dude!

  • Every app fits perfect!3.0
    Jul 22, 2018

    Love the design! Great work! Thank you👍🏼

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