El Capitan Respring

This is originally done by u/ryanwuson from Reddit.
You can find the original post here >
I just make it a deb and upload here so users can easily install it :)
All credits go to u/ryanwuson for creating this :)
Note: You don't need MakeRespringGreatAgain or any other respring related tweaks. Just apply via Anemone and you'll be good to go.

Version History Version History

No changes were reported for this version

Version 1.0
Updated August 1, 2018
Restriction(s) Free
iOS Version(s) 11.0 or later
4.0 out of 5
  • Nothing changed 1.0
    Aug 6, 2018

    It comes for a split second and then goes back to the old one. On iPhone 7+. iOS 11.3.1.

  • Not working 1.0
    Aug 3, 2018

    Nothing shows up

  • No effect from Anemone 1.0
    Aug 3, 2018

    Nothing show on respring