Have you ever been in a conversation and had the perfect meme to send, but could never get it in time? Well now, ImageCorrect has you covered! With ImageCorrect, you can quickly access your most used images and memes by typing a quick shortcut anywhere you can put an image!
Can't remember all of your shortcuts? Don't worry, ImageCorrect also offers a Quick Access Menu for you to quickly search through all of your shortcuts, allowing access to any shortcut in seconds without needed to memorize them all!
In addition to the Quick Access menu, ImageCorrect also now has a Collage Menu accessible from the native text selection menu. Using the Collage Menu, all of your images are just a single tap away! Getting to your images has never been easier.
In all, ImageCorrect offers all of these features:

  • Create your own custom image replacement with a shortcut of your choosing.
  • Supports PNGs, JPEGs, and most importantly: GIFs.
  • Customize the text highlight color, and the preview image size.
  • Customization for the Quick Access Menu:
    • Choose your own custom phrase to open the menu.
    • Snap the menu to the keyboard or where you are typing.
    • Change the menu width and the height of each shortcut.
    • Change the color of the menu background and the text color.
  • Customization for the Collage Menu:
    • Change the width and height of the menu to be as big as you want.
    • Change the number of images shown per row, changing the size of each image.
    • Option to load thumbnails instead to show images faster (if needed).
  • Export and Import all of your shortcuts - share with others to expand your collection!
  • Support for 3rd party keyboards such as GBoard
  • Built in Video to GIF converter on the settings page.
  • Unique settings page unlike any other tweak!
    • Dark Mode.
    • Spruce up your tweak list by randomly showing one of your image replacements instead of the ImageCorrect icon (can be disabled).

Version History Version History
  • Generic Preference Loader dependency
Version 1.0.1
Updated June 13, 2021
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 10.0 or later