Bored of the red Badges. Now the best Badges for your notification balloons. Many different styles
•Badge Apple Gold 
•Badge Apple Neon
•Badge Blood Paint 
•Badge Bubble
•Badge Check
•Badge Edges
•Badge Hearts
•Badge Lamp
•Badge Points 
•Badge Ribbon 
•Badge Shooting 
•Badge SMS 
•Badge Snake
•Badge Sniper
•Badge Spider
•Badge Tearing
•Badge Smoke
And Much More


Application mode with ithemer, Snowboard or Anemone...<Make sure you have the Snowboard and Anémone extensions for your function>

Super badges marked with (+) at first, are compatible now with (iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR)...

I hope you like it ... soon I will update and bring more.
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Version History Version History
  • New super badges added; Badge +Snake(2), Badge Snake(2), Badge Bart, Badge Cat(2), Badge Cookie Monster, Badge Elmo, Badge Mickey Mouse, Badge FuckYou(01), Badge +FuckYou(01), Badge Fingers(1), Badge Fingers(2), Badge SmokeWhite, Badge SmokeBlack, Badge SmokeBlue.
  • New and better design in Badges; Badge Android, Badge Fire.
  • Super badges added again, marked with (+) at the beginning, these badges are compatible with (iPhone xs, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR)... Badge +2Hearts, Badge +Buuu Cat(1), Badge +Edges, Badge +MarioBros?, Badge +PaperDown Red, Badge +Points Black, Badge +Points White, Badge +Snake(1).
Version 1.3
Updated October 11, 2019
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 9 - 12.4

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