March 8, 2021


  • Super Badges undergoes a total redesign and compatible with ios 14
  • A preview interface was also added to before applying your favorite super badges theme.
  • Designs and measurements were improved
  • The super badges is now divided into two (<SB> iOS (9 to 12.x) and (<SB> iOS (9 to 14.x) Now you can choose
  • Fixed badge on safe mode. (Badge ribbon (2) blue)

October 11, 2019


  • New super badges added; Badge +Snake(2), Badge Snake(2), Badge Bart, Badge Cat(2), Badge Cookie Monster, Badge Elmo, Badge Mickey Mouse, Badge FuckYou(01), Badge +FuckYou(01), Badge Fingers(1), Badge Fingers(2), Badge SmokeWhite, Badge SmokeBlack, Badge SmokeBlue.
  • New and better design in Badges; Badge Android, Badge Fire.
  • Super badges added again, marked with (+) at the beginning, these badges are compatible with (iPhone xs, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR)... Badge +2Hearts, Badge +Buuu Cat(1), Badge +Edges, Badge +MarioBros?, Badge +PaperDown Red, Badge +Points Black, Badge +Points White, Badge +Snake(1).

September 27, 2019


  • “Android Badge” successfully added
  • New Súper Badges Added; Badge Cemetery, Badge Ghost, Badge Halloween, Badge Buuu Cat(1), BadgeBuuu Cat(2), Badge Bats, Badge Olw, Badge Freddy Krueger, Badge TrickOrTreat.

September 9, 2019


  • new and better design in badges; SMS(1) (Red & Blue)
  • new Super Badges added; Badge Bubble(2), Badge Cat(1), Badge Star, Badge Difumi Black, Badge Paper(1) Red, Badge Paper(2) Red, Badge SMS(2) Red, Badge Radioactivity, Badge MarioBros?.
  • Super Badges already added, were updated with new colors. Badge Check Red, Badge Cloud Red, Badge Cloud White, Badge Blue Paint, Badge Hearts(1) Red, Badge Hearts(1) Colors, Badge Hearts(1) +Pink, Badge Hearts(1) +Red, Badge Hearts(1) +Colors, Badge Hearts(2) Blue, Badge Hearts(2) Colors, Badge Lamp Yellow, Badge Ribbon(2) Blue, Badge Ribbon(1) Red.theme,

August 29, 2019


No changes were reported.