Customize your dashboard like never before !!
This tweak allows you to customize most elements of the dashboard with custom fonts, colors text and positioning. It comes preloaded with over 100 fonts. All included fonts are 100% free for personal and commercial use !!
It conflicts with LockPlus and XenHTML !!
May support in the future but this is not intended to compete with or replace these tweaks. Those tweaks do a whole lot more and if you use them you probably do not need this.
For those not sure what the dashboard is, it's the lockscreen/notification center
With DashBored you can:

  • Change fonts, font size and color on most elements
  • Add your own fonts to /var/mobile/Documents/DashBored/Fonts and they get added to the list.
  • Use custom fonts with Nepeta's Slyd tweak (In Swipe/Press Home to Unlock Settings)
  • Enter custom text for the date, "No Older Notifications" text, and "Swipe/Press Home to Unlock" text
  • Hide elements such as date, time, and notifications.
  • Reposition the time, date, and move notifications up to compensate for hidden elements
  • Choose alignment for notification headers("Earlier Today", "Yesterday") and "No Older Notifications" text
  • Turn on a blurred background for the dashboard
  • Format the date anyway you want, has a link to a cheat sheet to help with formatting.
  • For settings that are crucial to respring you will be prompted to respring.


  • The only bug I found was with Noctis enabled for notifications, the notification content text color does not work but fonts work fine.
  • May conflict with other lockscreen tweaks such as LPP and XenHTML

Things to come:

  • Preview fonts in list
  • Better repositioning of notifications
  • Mediaplayer customizing


  • To move date individually move time first then move the date
  • Press enter to save text entered in prefs
  • Double tap the slider button to enter a value

Version History Version History
  • Fixed safe mode for real
Version 1.0.3
Updated January 28, 2019
Restriction(s) Free
iOS Version(s) 11.0 or later

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