December 9, 2018


  • Added a None option for kill type with this only the cc button will work
  • Now the CC button works all the time even if the tweak is disabled
  • Open/active apps are no longer killed on lock
  • Fixed force close after some time bug

December 8, 2018


  • iOS 10 support
  • Fixed CC button to work all the time, kill on lock does not need to be enabled
  • Added enable tweak switch (requires respring)

December 6, 2018


  • Choose between blacklist or whitelist (blacklist kills selected apps when locked and whitelist kills all apps except selected apps)
  • Choose kill type
  • Added cc button
  • Now playing apps are no longer killed
  • Fixed notification bug (Apps being killed when sliding down notification center)

December 5, 2018


No changes were reported.