Privacy like never before
PrivaSee protects your privacy like no other tweak can. Hide your notifications from prying eyes and lockdown apps you choose with an elegant blur. Be sure you have passcode enabled and use biometrics to protect your privacy.

Protect your apps from everywhere

Keep your apps safe with biometric protection. Protected apps will be blurred until you authenticate. You can customize the amount of blur from a little haze to completely obscured. To make protected apps stand out on the home screen you can enable a glow with a color and radius you choose.

A new way to hide notifications

Blur all Notifications including banners with the touch of a button or a gesture.
On iOS 11 users can add the included CC toggle in settings, this requires CCSupport. This is the activation method for blurring the notifications. When enabled all notifications become blurred until it is disabled. When disabling it will prompt for authentication. If enabled when respringing it will stay blurred afterwards until you enable and disable the CC toggle again. This can also be substituted for an Activator gesture you choose.
On iOS 10 users can use Flipswitch and Activator to create a custom gesture to activate the blur for notifications. This is the activation method for iOS 10.

Blur while locked

When enabled this blurs the notifications only while locked, on iOS 10 it acts as a preview if you rest your finger on the scanner to see notifications. On iOS 11 it acts as a nice replacement for the built in preview feature.


Preview notifications before going home.
When you wake the device with the home button and you have new notifications or the media player is up it will stay at the lock screen allowing you to view your notifications. If no new notifications are present it takes you home. When used with Blur While Locked it will blur the notifications until you authenticate allowing you to preview notifications.
For iPhone X users it acts like fastunlockx, skips the lockscreen if there are no notifications and no media player.


This allows you to peek at notifications when they're blurred by 3d touching them, it will present the notification unblurred once you authenticate. Non 3D Touch devices can swipe left and select view to peek at a notification.

Private Browser

Protect private mode and history in Safari. It blurs content until you authenticate.

The extras

Disable realerts, the second notification you get if you do not check it at first.
Disable the display coming on when receiving a notification

Check out the video:
Version History Version History
  • Fixed url being locked when first opening safari
Version 1.0.8
Updated November 3, 2018
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 10 - 11.3.1