BackupAZ 4 (iOS 13 - 14)
BackupAZ 3 (iOS 10 - 13)
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BackupAZ 3 (iOS 10 - 13)
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BackupAZ come back another time with a new version that include more features, better compatibility with newer OS versions, refreshed look and off course a stability at his best ;)
Why to use iTunes to backup your device when you have BackupAZ4 in your pocket ? This application can save all these data (at the moment):

  • Installed Cydia / Sileo / Zebra / Installer Packages
  • Deb of your installed tweaks !
  • Cydia sources
  • Sileo sources
  • Zebra sources
  • Installer preferences
  • Tweaks and Apple Applications preferences
  • Accounts
  • Calendar events
  • Call History
  • Address book
  • Health data
  • iBooks library
  • Mails
  • Messages and iMessages
  • Notes
  • Photos and Videos
  • Safari Bookmarks
  • SpringBoard settings
  • Voice memos
  • Voicemails

And restore them !
BackupAZ4 store backups in 2 possible locations:

  • under /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/BackupAZ : your backups will be saved and restored with an iTunes safeguard
  • under /var/mobile/Documents/BackupAZ : your backups will not be erased by a rootFS restore, allowing you to restore you packages after having, for example, changed your jailbreak by having restored your initial rootFS backup

There is a setting inside the app that allow you to change the storage mode used.
I also advise you to make a copy of your backups on your PC for an extra security. If you want to use them again afterwards, simply put them on the exact same location, this is important!
NOTE: Some apps require a reboot (Phone app for Voicemails and Call history, for example) after a data restoration for the new data to appear. For this, simply use the button in the alert after a restoration.
NOTE 2: Some tweaks can't be reinstalled from a backup due to the repo requiring the user to be authenticated. I'm however working on a new way for BackupAZ4 to download packages, which will allow you in the near future to save and restore paid packages from within the application!
NOTE 3: Some features have disappeared compared to BackupAZ3. Don't worry this is normal, all the extended features such as backup sharing, option to calculate size etc will be reincluded in the coming weeks. This decision has been made to allow for a quicker initial release.
If you have any issue, please email me with your favorite package manager contact form, I will try to reply to you as soon as possible! I'll handle all the support request through my personal website (link available in the Packix depiction).
All the graphics have been done by DaveWijk, make sure to give him a follow!
Follow me on Twitter (@SynnyG_R) for news, update, app giveaway ;). Enjoy !

Version History Version History
  • Added a setting for you to choose to store your backups under iTunes location (saved by iTunes) or under a rootFS restore compatible location (not erased by any rootFS restoration, allowing you to restore your backups even after having switch your jailbreak after a rootFS restoration)
  • BackupAZ now check if there is enough free space on your device before doing a backup
  • Bootstrap packages (packages installed by the jailbreak) aren’t saved anymore to avoid conflicts and boot loop after a restoration
  • New beautiful icon created by @DaveWijk
  • Added a link to my support website in the Options page
  • Fixed Photos / Videos backup / Restoration not working
  • Fixed database write issue causing crash at launch
  • Potentially fixed the blank homepage that occurred for some users (need more reports)
  • Fixed a database reset issue
  • Fixed a crash at app opening if you had a backup reimport (manual or from BackupAZ3)
  • Fixed the duplicate backup issue
  • Fixed previewing folders to backup for all in one backups
Version 1.2
Updated June 18, 2021
Restriction(s) Paid, Other
iOS Version(s) 13.0 or later