Control your music everywhere with Flowic!
Supporting iOS 11 up to the latest iOS version (already working on enlarging the range of iOS version supported), Flowic allow you to control your music everywhere thanks to a floating widget that appear above everything.
No cluttered interface, just a simple blurred view that show you the song artwork, name, artist and album for a small and smart tool.
But then how do you control your music ? Simply with gestures :)
Here are the gestures supported (at the moment) by Flowic :

  • Play / Pause : double tap anywhere on the widget to pause / resume the currently playing song
  • Previous : slide to the left on the widget to go to the previous song
  • Next : slide to the right on the widget to go to the next song

These are the gestures to control the music, but Flowic also support additional gestures related to the widget itself :

  • Move : long press on the song artwork and move your finger to move the widget accordingly
  • Collapse / Enlarge : single tap on the song artwork to collapse / enlarge the widget
  • Open the now playing app : long press on the widget (where the song info are displayed) to open the now playing application
  • Dismiss the widget : long press on the song artwork to dismiss the widget

(These features are reminded inside the tweak's settings pane for the brainless people like me :P).
Flowic also allow you to customize the widget style alongside forbidding application to appear in the Flowic widget.
New features are already being worked on so make sure to give me a follow to stay up to day ;) (@SynnyG_R).
If you have any suggestion or question, send me an email through your favorite package manager or a DM on Twitter, I'll reply as soon as I can!
Enjoy ;)

Version History Version History
  • Fixed « Blacklist now playing apps » feature
  • Fixed « Hide widget in specified apps » feature
  • Removed leftover code
Version 2.1.1
Updated March 11, 2021
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 11.0 or later